1. I would like to join your company I like communicating to achieve victory ^_^ GT: DJ Cyrubiss

  2. Looking to join a fun group

    Recruiting - Posted By Il Cy lI On

    I am 27 years old I do play halo 5 a lot especially Warzone however i suck at arena -_- but i am looking to join a fun group that is activate and is down to play halo Gamertag: DJ Cyrubiss K/D: 1.2 Warzone win/Loss: 60.6

  3. Req problems

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By Il Cy lI On

    same here :/ i hope they fix this problem

  4. I agree it did the samething to me 7 times in a row it took my money out of my account but I cannot see the contents i got from the req pack