1. Oh, boy. Well if we're going to be honest Halo is not a kids game, nor should it block out the hard truth that people cuss. Shocker, right? I'd be cool with a language filter if you enable it, but do not remove cussing or gore..

  2. Remember how cool it was as a kid to have a Elite character, the enemy you fought in the campaign is in fact you on multiplayer. I think the opinion I share is popular.. But playable elites 2020?

  3. Let me preface this and say, before people start ragging on for my opinion, I've been along time Halo fan!! It was the first game I purchased on the original Xbox. Hell, I still have my original copy!! I even have an original copy of The Fall of...

  4. What is the update?

  5. I've been rather interested with the fact that most games in 2019-20 have been aiming with the thought of open world on their minds. For example, it really kicked up with the bigger world the Legend of Zelda build in Breath of the Wild. Furthermore...