1. I like that idea! The marines crack me up for some reason. I'd like to see them run around and die in Firefight. Although, a ten or fifteen second warning before the bad guys spawn in would be much more practical.

  2. I think you should be able to squish the standard knights with wraith or Scorpion. I'm not even sure if ramming them does damage (does it??). The legendary and mythic ones should be able to be splattered when they are down to a health low enough to...

  3. I see it as a form of punishment for quitting.

  4. The Hayabusa from Halo 3.

  5. I want a DMR variant that offers the Grunt's Birthday Party sound effect complete with confetti in the event of a headshot kill. Halo has always had a touch of whimsy in the multiplayer and I feel as if Halo 5 is all business.

  6. I would love to see the daily challenges return. A "daily win" is a bit mindless. I think we would all prefer to chase down those ten assassinations, or handful of double kills in lieu of simply winning for a bonus.

  7. With the mythic Warden I'm noticing he attacks with greater frequency, like two of the face lasers back to back, and of course he has a lot more health. Other than that I'm not seeing much more of a difference. I'm a little disappointed to...