1. I would like 1. a free for all game mode 2. 8 player custom game lobbies 3. a flood enemy only version of terminus firefight

  2. THE problem is that 343 just gives AI LARGE buffs to damage to account for their bad intelligence making our suits weaker than marine armor.

  3. I have to admit that it starts bothering me that people don't stop killing you after the official match end. It happens often that I get killed after the announcement and then people start T-bagging. It's a very unsporty behaviour and should be...

  4. Remember when 343 said that Halo 5's campaign would supposedly be the darkest Halo campaign yet? Did you think that it turned out to be true? Personally, no, I didn't find it to be dark, unless they meant the campaign literally would be dark...

  5. MULTIPLAYER is a simulation on the infinity