1. Also, how am I supposed to get kills with them? I shoot someone with the plasma caster but the grenade doesn't stick or kill anyone!!! I throw a sticky grenade but it just bounces off.

  2. I'll try to assist you with the lock-on/homing heavies: Ad Victoriam Shoots 3 rockets, extremely powerful. You can guide these rockets by scoping in, and they'll follow your reticle. This rocket launcher doesn't have the lock on properties of...

  3. Honestly, helljumper is the best and I use sensitivity 5

  4. There are so many power weapons in halo 5 that I really don't know how to use them. Like the I just that the Ad Victoram rocket launcher's rockets will follow your reticle, and that the rocket launcher will lock on to ariel targets, and also that...

  5. Daily login packs honestly give me the best stuff- one time I got prophet's bane AND nornfang

  6. Honestly, if you are going for load out weapons, then go for bronze, but you'll need to buy a few. Silver if you want cheaper armor. And gold packs if you want to stock up on high level vehicles.