1. Ok guys explain to me wtf is going on with this secret dialogue found as QR code in the trailer. You can go check it out yourself here’s the link

  2. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is expanded lore on the subject what’s the current status of Zeta Halo’s flood containment

  3. Lets speculate folks!

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    What do you guys think what’s going to happen in Halo Infinite? What could Cortana’s role be in the next chapter of Halo? Who is the mysterious pilot we saw in trailer? Will we ”awake the nightmare” on Installation 07 and face the...

  4. Was wondering if there’s facts or lore about whats the current status on Zeta Halo’s flood containment? Has there been any minor/major flood breakouts?

  5. Campaign missions

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    What are your top 5 worst and top 5 best campaign missions? For me the list goes as follows Worst: Halo CE: The Silent Cartographer Halo 2: Gravemind Halo 2: High Charity Halo 4: Requiem Halo 5: Fireteam Osiris (cause i hate Locke) best missions: Halo...

  6. Flood lore

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    Hey folks! I’ve recently started to read bunch of halo lore and was hoping to get to know the origins of flood thoroughly. How does The Primordial tie into the flood? - Did he create the flood or was he simply just a spawn of flood mixed with a...

  7. Halo 6 theories

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    What do you think we might see in Halo 6? I personally think 032 mendicant bias and forerunner capital Maethrillian where the physical domain actually lies are going to play a huge part in Halo 6. Secondly as it’s pretty much been confirmed that...

  8. I personally think that Halo 6 will come out this year and this is why: It has been quite big fashion in game industries to make short but massive marketing for upcoming games recently because it is alot cheaper than market it a year or even longer...

  9. Been trying for past 30 minutes to match but it says unable to match.