1. I loved HW 1 so much and play it for hours on end, I still play it to this day! The game mechanics of it are what has kept me playing it for so long. I was so excited for this beta to come out and tbh I was disappointed. I have hope that the final...

  2. The game itself would leave a better impact if it wasn't Multiplayer... Uninstalled due to the very poor matchmaking and speed. Doesn't leave much to do, just rush and claim victory. We won with marines against tanks... and hornets... Weak...

  3. Where do I go to join the beta? Xbox one store its a free download just type in halo wars 2 open beta or just halo wars 2

  4. Have a friend inv u to a game of halo wars and it should work give it a sec and your free and able to play halo wars guys have fun

  5. Mine still not working lol if not ill just buy the game when it comes out

  6. I know hopefully they fix it soon

  7. Halo Wars 2 not loading up and freezes When game starts and gets to the fist cutsense it freezes If any one else has this problem pls leave a comment and hopefully they wi fix this problem