1. in H2A The music in classic mode seems to be quieter and at low volume even though i have music set at max.

  2. H2A crashes during the campaign randomly and the cutscenes are a bit low resolution for me but that may just be my settings.

  3. Is there a way to transfer your save data from your Xbox 360 to PC?

  4. They should add a thing where you can transfer your save data from your Xbox to PC so you don't have to grind and keep your progress, easy and simple.

  5. When I try to install the new update it doesn't install and shows an error code: 0x80070020. If anyone this problem I would be grateful if you would help me fix this. I have the Windows Store version

  6. didn't get the invite :c hopefully theres another wave on Saturday

  7. Since the Flight will end on the 5th will there be another wave of invites or are the waves finished? because I really want to play this flight