1. Im loving it, really like Warzone Yeah warzone is a lot of fun WHEN you get put on a team with people that actually go for stuff and know what they are doing otherwise its just a blow out most times

  2. I love it!! Its way better than destiny thats for sure

  3. I love the multiplayer but i feel the time to kill is a little to long i mean sometimes i waste a whole clip on one guy its crazy other than that it feels pretty balanced

  4. Games have to evolve to stay relevant and fresh... I don't see why this is such a problem for some people :| I saw this and laughed, How is this game fresh? Give me one aspect? how is this game Fresh? How? Story wise, Halo has always been...

  5. Was it Worth the buy?

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By LT BiNG On

    Yeah i think it was worth it well at least the multiplayer anyways thats where the fun is playing WARZONE

  6. has some pretty good prices on Gold Are they legit?? Sometimes the deals just seem to good to be true

  7. I can't really say because this is going to be the 1st Halo I've played. I hope I'm not missing out on a lot by not playing the others don't wanna be to lost in the campaign lol But I'm super excited to dive into the multiplayer looks...

  8. I didn't I got both I didn't I got both Yep I got both too!! WHY NOT??

  9. Who cares. Yeah I agree Reviews aren't always right everyone likes different stuff