1. Halo Reach in MCC?

    Halo: Reach - Posted By LostInTheEcho On

    With the update to The Master Chief Collection announced recently I thought this would be a great time to add Reach into MCC. Halo 6 is who knows how long away and Halo Wars 2 has come to a close as far as I can tell. I think it would be awesome if...

  2. Anyone play Reach? YES

  3. When do you want to try for some achievements?

  4. In halo5 I got about 99 unfrigs Try getting a killing frenzy first. Lol

  5. Hey there! Any plans of getting on today? :)

  6. Trying to get the "Play with 5 different Spartans" achievement. Anyone playing?

  7. I've gotten 20 or so in Reach. As for the other games probably a few. It's a tough one to get for sure!

  8. Yes! The game is great. Strong multiplayer community too!