1. With the new SMG changes coming to Halo 5. Maybe we can see the return of it in Breakout with removal of the shotgun? What do you guys think.

  2. I also think that teammates should not be able to kill who you are assassinating, if they can code that. It would be a great help for everybody.

  3. The 343 team will soon learn if they have not already learned how many people they have lost or will lose. It's a great game but lacking so much from the other games.

  4. I heard by the end of February. If they don't have it then I'll probably be quiting.

  5. In warzone, you'll play on a map that has a starting boss of 150 points. A lot of times, the enemies will get that kill and get a giant lead. However, the problem is after they get that kill. I notice that I'll find myself missing about 5 people...

  6. This forum almost seems pointless however just a discussion topic. We should try to use things like this to show what the community really wants.

  7. True they did say that would come in the update we already had. Obviously it didn't come.

  8. By the end of February is the deadline for mode makers.

  9. I thought it was only you need to have level 3 kill commendations so only you get the armor. Then if you get all 5, your team will get the helmet. If that is true, my question is will I get the armor if I already have the commendations?

  10. Hi, Halo way point is not ready my progress when I do things. The things it will not update is I have completed the whole campaign on legendary alone but it says I have only beat it on easy. Please fix that for me and the other thing is that I but it...