1. Name Plates

    Legacy Halo - Posted By Lucifers Worthy On

    Is there a way I can change my name plate

  2. 343, I bought the game in October digitally and played it on release day. I couldn't even play it. I stop playing it and I hop on today and still cant get in to a match. My internet is fine by the way. I get 100mb/s and it wired. I dont want to pay...

  3. I want to see some where can i check them out on

  4. Is there going to be more ways to get the bandanna skull download? As of I know you can only get it only by pre ordering by gamestop. But I'm going to get the game digitally. Is there any other way I could get it without paying a extreme price on...

  5. Question????

    Legacy Halo - Posted By Lucifers Worthy On

    Okay this is a pretty much simple question what playlist can I get the crimson dlc achievements in?