1. ok Short-term commitment popped the legendary ones worked too what i did was i deleted all the data for the game the restarted the achievements it erased some of my progress but thats fine as long as i can still get them, i am now 8 achievements way from...

  2. i deleted the game data and re-downloaded the game completing one add-on at a time and the legendary achievements seem to be unlocking. idk about the daily and weekly one yet but ill post when i go a could days over on the dailys and a few weeks over the...

  3. Furthermore it seems like the only ones not working are Short-term commitment and long-term commitment on xbox 1, downloaded version. if its not fixed then my short and long term commitment to 343 studios is also not going to be working. PLZ FIX THIS!!!!!

  4. yeah im having problems with this and i have 80 out of 88 games at 100% achievement completion, so if getting these achievements are impossible well lets just say im gonna be PISSED.

  5. trying to get this achievement and its not showing up that the wins count, is this going to be fixed or is there a way i can fix this on my end? you would think in 2018/2019 this kind of thing would work.