1. So I recently installed halo mcc pc and just finished the update..but it loads the opening xbox studios and 343, but then closes and opens the app store to halo reach, help? Ive waited 2 months to play this, and im rather mad its not working, also it...

  2. Why is the collection getting released on PC in the first place I wonder? Probably so its more, "out there" and not confined to just a console

  3. The normal Spartan helmet Looks original, ya know

  4. I honestly thought it was great, nice graphics and gameplay as well

  5. Yes! I have a working version of halo CE pc, even though its old it still looks great!

  6. These are some pretty legit gifs and photos, cant wait for thr final product!

  7. Hoping its real soon, godni really cant wait to play this masterpiece

  8. Bruh im so pumped for mcc pc, you aint gonna catch me not playing