1. I got a nice overkill in a CTF game with camo to stop a flag run. Thought I'd like to get down and dirty right up next to a few of them ;)

  2. I'd like one where you have your AR on your back and you have a tactical stance similar to look skyward stance, but with different hand positions.

  3. I feel like it was bungies way of throwing in a little fun here and there for dying and such. 343 doesn't really do anything like that.

  4. Does anyone know the requirements for the Halo tourneys in Microsoft stores? Do we need to bring our own controllers/headsets, etc? I just would like to know because I would like to participate in one.

  5. I would like to possibly compete in Atlanta and need a team or 3 other people to form a team with. I possibly have one more, but any others welcome would be greatly appreciated.

  6. I'm down if you wanna play a few games to see how we do for now. Hit me up sometime I am usually online.