1. ......Now I'm stuck playing the stupid 4v4 fiesta trash for an hour and I may STILL not get one Husky Raid map. I was always able to find Husky Raid matches. It seemed as popular as Slayer-Arena. I truly hope 343 bring Husky Raid back as...

  2. I don't think anyone prefers them being combined. ^This. It seems to me that having Husky Raid and Super Fiesta as separate playlists is what most players prefer.

  3. ... I would be very happy if they decided to go back to Husky Raid having its own playlist. Me too!

  4. Hey. My crew and I love Husky Raid and we were sad to see it gone. Will it come back?

  5. I disagree, they were removed for a reason. Why were they removed? The overall sentiment is that we miss the ones we can't play.

  6. Hey 343 friends, My Halo crew desperately would like a larger pool of maps in Arena Slayer. When could we expect an update to the maps in rotation? We miss playing the following maps: Molton Overgrowth Riptide Tyrant🙏 Please give us an...

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  8. Hi friends. Please indefinitely keep Husky Raid as a social playlist. My Halo crew loves it so much! Thanks for all the work y'all do at 343!