1. I am also working on these achevements aswell, feel free to add me gt is MattyMattPro

  2. Hello all, I am looking at getting the last achievement I need in halo reach in order to have every achievement. With the oncoming halo purge of the legacy games, achieving this will soon be impossible. I am willing to help anyone get any achievements...

  3. Halo Infinite Beta

    Halo Infinite - Posted By MattyMattPro On

    Does anybody know if 343 will have a beta for Halo Infinite? im sure we would all wanna play it to. Mod edit: moved to Infinite forum

  4. I made it to solo 13 and started trying to find teammates. Due to the higher team count I think it’s more imperative to communicate and work with your teammates. I've matched you a few times in Squad Battles, funny enough. Are you still in need...

  5. Can elites be taken out of Ranked games?

  6. Does anybody know when double exp will be back again for Halo MCC?

  7. Always loved odst and still to but when playing snipers only on the small maps does anybody feel we need more enemies to drop? Otherwise its too easy? Generally currious what others think?

  8. Anybody think it would be cool if 343 added a feature where it showed all stats from the bungie days to mcc all on the new Halo Infinity game? I'm talking Ranks from all playlists everything.

  9. Was wondering if 343 will add a population number of how many people are in a playlist at one time? Would love to play some ranked games but cant seem to find any.