1. The Halo 5 campaign is dead, just let it go. If you aren't playing PvP, 343i doesn't really care about you.

  2. It's a solid 6/10. I don't play PvP games so I only bought it for the campaign so personally, the only part of the game I will would probably be 3/10. To be honest, I uninstalled the game; one play through of the story was enough.

  3. I still don't understand why they didn't delay the game.... Delaying the game allows the developer to complete the game even further. There's no harm in adding a full content at launch. Why is this so hard to get? They would have missed the...

  4. Almost all non-biased opinions I've seen on it have said that it's definitely above average. For the multiplayer, possibly. The campaign is bad and poorly done any way you slice it.

  5. This topic has been brought up too many times. As much as most people would love split-screen, unfortunately, it isn't coming to Halo 5. The Campaign for the game is a lost cause, just play Forge, it's the only thing that 343 cares about.