1. i think in halo 6 ◾more old/new weapons ◾expand campaing ◾don't make it mission can't you fire, I mean... Only speak with another marines ◾more time using the vehicles ◾split screen in a same xbox, maybe just only...

  2. The only problem I find with Firefight is levels to bosses. Having to deal with a Grunt Goblin on round 2 can be quite difficult as you only usually have Warthogs and BR's. Whilst it's not impossible, a majority of the time it will tear the team...

  3. i never use that weapon but is it that rifle like a new beam rifle???

  4. I don't know in the last round your spawning when you die is in 30 seconds... I think the spawning maybe should be 20 seconds....

  5. the bad news.... Something people are sucks but later maybe they can be good in halo

  6. hey guys... It's the last update in halo 5??? This firefight update??? I believe 3 updates, maybe

  7. master chief armor ♡.♡

  8. i created a new map... It's a simpons map but I don't know how can I public or post my map... please, tell me how can I do it