1. Can't Select Units

    Halo Wars Series - Posted By Nedula14 On

    This doesn't exactly go with the mouse thing not working but anyone know how to stop a units movement without. like S for stop except that actually moves your screen to the left.

  2. split screen!!! and that's all lol well swat mode

  3. High risk but high reward. Should be some cliche Achilles heel thing with them

  4. Halo 6 Ideas

    General Discussion - Posted By Nedula14 On

    I just want local co-op, splitscreen and Swat mode. I'm a simple man with a small dream

  5. I think before with another Xbox game of sorts that you should make sure Game DVR is disable/turned off. Mine only seems to actually crash when I'm in options. Still annoying

  6. Similar issue, played all the tutorials but just randomly will close out of the game. No errors or anything then I launch it and it stays in window mode, then I have to close and reopen it to go to full screen.