1. Felt like it was too much for casual fans, which I assume is most of Halo's fanbase.

  2. I really enjoy Warzone. I definitely mostly play Arena, but its nice to take a break from that and play something different. It really feels like a big game mode and you don't have the pressure of playing at your best.

  3. Yes, the weapons have been a welcome improvement. I like using the different weapons and actually getting kills with them for a change. Also the sounds are very good also.

  4. People seem to have wanted everything possible in the game to be satisfied. Now, that doesn't mean there weren't missteps and oversights made. The story was overwhelming and I think poorly done for the majority of Halo fans. I've read/watched...

  5. MP is amazing

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By Neo The 0n3 On

    Normally I get bored of playing MP in a new game after a few matches, but I played quite a bit yesterday and still wanted more. Looking forward to having additional maps to accompany the fantastic gameplay.