1. I like the knights and soldiers but there are too many crawlers. Warden eternal is pretty awesome but he is super hard when there are 2 at the same time.

  2. Warzone firefight is one of my favourite game modes!

  3. I have faith in 343 that halo wont become a pay to win game. The micro transactions don't make a huge difference in game play so for now i'm fine with it.

  4. That truly is mind blowing to me but still im not against halo 5 in any way except for the lack of splitscreen

  5. Halo 5 is an excellent game, and the only thing i would like in halo 6 at this moment is split screen.

  6. I have got to agree with RowdyGringo I have gotten my money's worth and more! The game kind of threw me off by taking out split screen but they have compensated with some amazing new stuff! (That doesn't mean I don't want split screen back)

  7. Ghost ultra or wasp!

  8. I was about rank 30 and I got it in a silver req pack. I only use it net the end of the game though cause mine is a level 8 req as it has a promethean blade.

  9. I love this game mode! Only thing is that it needs something else to make it more interesting because, like others have said before, it's like griffball with guns