1. The best way to rank up quickly is to play warzone mythic ( which is only available on the weekends) and if that’s not available, turbo or legendary would be next. Make sure you play with gambit legendary boosts and if you don’t have any of...

  2. I know I'm late...still grinding to 152. Been on MCC alkt lol

  3. Do warzone firefight or warzone turbo. Best way to push your XP higher....USE MUCH REQS AS POSSIBLE! More REQS used more XP you will gain.

  4. I am interested in joining if your still recruiting.

  5. I am currently interested if you are still recruiting. Add me on Xbox @ onebadglitch.

  6. in got banned the same reason! its unfairi paid my money to play not get banned unless 343 industries wants to give my full refund that be nice!

  7. Hey you guys! here is an awesome Easter egg found on halo 5 guardians. Go to spartan appearance and put on the nightfall helmet, also include useing the dynasty visor and if you look int the visor for the reflection you will see 343 industries office and...

  8. This issue is effecting me and my spartan ops game play also. try deleting it and re-downloading the dlc and if this issue is still going on. try deleting the system update and re-download again. also clear your system cache. check xbox website for...