1. He would than receive orders removing him completely from the USNC and he would be transferred to Reach upon Dr.Halsey request. There is where she had him do recon missions against insurgents. Than the covenant arrived on Reach. Some time after the...

  2. Its like year 2553 or some crap like that . He could change hes or her gender pretty sure xD

  3. Future Halo

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    Im pretty sure Halo 6 is being made right now . I also think Halo reach Anniversary or remastered is being made as well not to sure on that one tho

  4. s A417 Spartan IV program Height: 6'9 Weight: 270 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Blue Sex: Male Date of Birth: unknown Place of Birth: unknown Bio: Never seen the Human Covenant war or the events of Halo 4 or 5. Spartan A417 is unique type of Spartan no...

  5. Mine .214 im complete trash. Ill need about 4000 kills to bring it to a 1.0 .Im screwed.

  6. Dang, that's what i was afraid of. I didn't like the way my spartan looks like and now he looks better buy Waypoint wont change it. Bummer, anyway thank you for your information.

  7. How does it take till your spartan changes on Halo Reach?

  8. Can you do it in Firefight Matchmaking?