1. Raider, Hayabusa & Recon

  2. Medal: Screenshot of the week!

  3. The campaing its good but short, and come on! the REQ system sucks

  4. I want fileshares! that´s would be nice

  5. 343 Must fix many problems in the multiplayer experience.

  6. SWAT: DMR vs BR

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    BR forever

  7. Es un juego bastante completo, pero realemente le faltó muchísimo, creo que esperabamos más todos

  8. Nope, i love all Halo franchise, but no, this Halo it´s not a perfect game like the others

  9. The splitscreen is necesary for a game like this, we have a new Destiny... but, the multiplayer is good for me, works good & feels good.

  10. I prefer the aim! just sayin'