1. Anyone having an issues finding a game? I've been in a lobby searching for about 20 mins or so, I don't remember having this much difficulty in trying to find a game in past flights. Just wanted to see if anyone else is having a similar issue, or...

  2. These look absolutely stunning. I can't wait to see the new engine in action with game play! It's a good time to be a Halo fan, MCC getting fixed, returning to classic Halo style....

  3. So much hype, but so many questions too. Looks freaking amazing. Loving the art style, classic but modern.

  4. Well guys, if you want some awsome Halo 4 pics for your desktop then go here. Awesome! These definitely look amazing.

  5. That would be awesome if they were scattered through out the campaign but I'm not sure if they will be. Afterall we already have terminals hidden in different levels to find.