1. Another new map

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    Update 1.2: Reduced power weapon variety, spawn for power-ups are longer, more spawns added. Update 1.1: Made power weapons hold less ammo when picked up, you now have max of one spare clip, unless Spartan Laser or Railgun, which has 100% and two spare...

  2. Very interesting, I'll take a look at it too next time I'm on H5. If you want more feedback I encourage you to post the map on ForgeHub. Will do, thank you

  3. Cryo Gultch...

  4. Alright, I dont really know how to link but I'll try

  5. I recently made a new map called Cryo Gultch in Halo 5: Guardians go check it out and give me feedback, I'd like to know how I did and what I can do to improve. I tested out Stronghold, Breakout, CTF and Slayer game modes alone, but if you find any...

  6. Location Names

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    Is it possible to name sections in a forge "Top Mid", "Blue Elbow", "Bottom Mid" etc... Yes, you can add zones that are named, check under the gameplay menus Well that help my -Yoink- find it lol thank you

  7. That'd be kinda interesting to play as a game

  8. Spartans never die, they only go MIA. No but seriously, kinda sucks carrying a team and still getting beat by a kill

  9. I usually use the sword, always been about it

  10. Halo Clan

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    So...for as long as I have been playing video games I've been playing Halo, Halo has been the first game I have played and remains to be a close favourite... Even though I have been playing Halo for years, I am new to the whole clan thing Halo has...