1. send me a message for inv

  2. playing remade maps

    Recruiting - Posted By Rinis DM On

    i have 5 that would be down i think msg me

  3. I'm looking for people to play some matchmaking or customs with. diamond in slayer and arena i have a mic add me or msg me if you're down to play.

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  5. bump since i'm still online

  6. i just broke into diamond yesterday in team arena going in solo. send me a message or add me. i'm playing right now.

  7. title says it all message me i'm running right now.

  8. Looking for team mates.

    Recruiting - Posted By Rinis DM On

    add me

  9. Same issue, though mine just started about 5 to 10 minutes ago. unrelated, but my friends and I cannot connect to xbox live party chat either. not sure what the issue is here. At this point it could be a combination of the halo 5 server and xbox live...