1. add sgt vane

  2. <p></p> hey :) im not from NJ but i got my pass for the h5 2vs2 add me sgt vane

  3. Halo 5 Maps

    Halo Championship Series - Posted By SGT Vane On

    no splinter nade...

  4. <p>jimbo was insane for infused

  5. jimbo was insane for infused

  6. renegades vs envyus WAS AMAZING series

  7. Oh god i play with you with my smurf .. And NO COMMENTS before find team try to learn how to play ... Watch twitch go on youtube to watch how to play stronghold or flag ... U cant play -8 every game we dont care if you got 8 assist or 6 base capture...

  8. What is your ranking in h5 hcs or double slayer ?

  9. wsup guys When we will know the new roster for pro league fall season ?