1. This is still a recurring problem at the moment, still have lag when playing coop with 3 people even with good ping and internet.

  2. Still having a problem connecting online, always having a notification of, "Your ping times are too high to play in the configured dedicated server regions. Please check your connection and try again.". And doesnt let me connect to games.

  3. I have always wanted to get my back my file share images or videos from the 360 or at least to see my service history to remember good old days on waypoint or in the masterchief collection pc You can view your past history from Halo that you played...

  4. I offer a solution, I game on a 3mb/s connection. when the ping alert pops up: 1. go into “options and career” 2. set network to LAN 3. backout and save settings 4. go back to network 5. select Xbox live 6. try to game again after it...

  5. Here from the Philippines. Doesn't seem to allow me to connect to any servers and when I do try to search for a game, I can never find any players. Update #1 Just found this little way sround to sesrch for games and get you connected...

  6. Cool. Now I can get some cool wallpapers.

  7. Halo Reach is back and hopefully here to last.

  8. Would be nice to have one at a local arcade here in Cebu, Philippines. Quite hard to find Halo enthusiasts out here.

  9. This is a can't wait title that I wish would prove to be better than it already is. As a kid growing up with this game, I wish you all the best, and hope to see the game blossom like a new born baby.