1. Those who wait always reach, old age.

  2. Exactly ! I'm very curious to see some Screenshots in game running natively on PC hardware. From what I read it will be a very optimized game for our platform. So gentlemen, show us how your work is.

  3. I would like to see some in-game MCC images on the PC. Pictures of how jobs are getting. I have some questions : Will you get high definition textures improvement ? Improvements in lighting with new effects and update them or the biggest difference...

  4. "This is really exciting, looking forward to the PC version." in chinese :)

  5. "Ola amigos! Obrigado pela informação. Falo aqui do brasil e estou ansioso para jogar Halo no PC. Um forte abraço a todos!" Hello friends! Thanks for the information. I speak here in Brazil and I'm looking forward to playing Halo on PC. A...