1. I dont get how a frigging oni mantis gets hijacked by a soldier in the first place i mean......COME ON :S!

  2. The knights are too O.P in WZFF and the crawlers,watchers and soldiers are too U.P. Once this is fixed i think FF will be a lot better.

  3. The knights IMO are actually interesting because they actually pose a proper threat and they have an interesting and mysterious backstory but when it comes to watchers,crawlers and soldiers it seems that they are just grey and orange grunts.

  4. The prometheans seemed to have a side of mystery to them in halo 4 which i really liked but it seems that in halo 5 they are just expendable obstacles included to annoy you and nothing more.

  5. In my opinion some of the Halo 5 Arena maps can become a bit tedious so why not bring some more of the classics back from halo:Reach or even Halo 3 into the mix. :)

  6. The Prometheans in my opinion were a balanced enemy in Halo 4 turned too O.P in halo 5, especially the knights :(