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    i kinda wished Halo 5's campaign was longer. dont yall agree? what would happen in Halo 6? if there is ahha

  2. The chances are very high, particullary for reach. When though?

  3. What are the chances of backward compatibility for Halo reach,3&4 on Xbox One

  4. The Library on Halo:CE, I hate the flood but I finished the level and it took me a while to complete. Same here, those suckers would never leave me alone for a single second. Same here too! they are everywhere

  5. They aren't mixed. People playing the original h4 on their 360 can't play with people playing h4 in MCC. Then there must be so little players in H4 multiplayer in MCC that i only could find less than 10 games

  6. Xbox One

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    Why cant I find Halo 4 for xbox one? :(

  7. For example, does the server for multiplayer, Halo 4 in Halo: The Master Chief Collection include players from Halo 4 or just gamers playing with Halo: The Master Chief Collection