1. Halo mcc coop

    Recruiting - Posted By Shiz On

    Planning to start legendary halo ce with a friend this afternoon. GT: -Yoink- This forum is censoring my Gamertag. Its the same as my forum name

  2. Playlist isn't working for me. Looking for a few mature gamers to roll through CE as fast as possible . Message me on xbl. Add me too.

  3. I think exclusively having 2v2 on CE is like exclusively offering only MLG playlists on the other games. Yes, 2v2 is more competitive, but not everyone wants to play competitive. I enjoy competitive gaming, but I also enjoy social game types from time to...

  4. For the past year I've been reminiscing with friends about playing Halo CE on xbconnect before xbl was out. When CE anniversary came out it attached the multiplayer to Reach. Very disappointing. For the past year anticipating MCC all we heard was...

  5. I agree 100%. I was looking foward to CE on xbl more than anything else only to find out there's no dedicated playlist now. I was planning to avoid 3 and 4 for the most part. Figured we'd have more freedom.