1. Heart Attack/Didact's Fall Turns the spartan around and pushes a splinter grenade deep into his chest after that the spartan pushes the victim down to incinerate.

  2. Scout hog edit (all variants-basic, urban, ONI, etc;): Remember the car from Reach where Jorge placed his turret on the back? -Make the scout warthogs like this, allwing a friend with a turret to "brace" it on the vehicle, giving you a free...

  3. 343i…..

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By SibTheRoyalPet On

    But we'll done, giving the community what it wants a year after release, considering you were so busy making stuff like: -Overgrowth -Torque -Seeker helmet -Pizza skins -Other hideous armor no one uses -Other maps that are unplayable in competitive...

  4. The U.F.F. Clan

    Recruiting - Posted By SibTheRoyalPet On

    Do you play Halo Reach?

  5. You need the noble map pack but getting players to play invasion one breakpoint with the dlc is nearly impossible