1. Favorite weapon

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    Definitely the assault rifle. It's so iconic, and the attachments in halo 5 only made it better.

  2. Haven't read all the post so I'm not sure if someone already said it but I would like to see the hawk from the original halo wars make a return

  3. Assault rifle: UNSC magnum: lone wolf BR: blue steel DMR: aurum SMG: gold standard

  4. Favorite guns

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By Sierra508 On

    In no particular order: 1. silenced recon AR 2. Tactical magnum 3. Endgame 4. Retina of the minds eye 5. Ad Victoriam Honorable mention: The Answer and Jorge's chaingun

  5. I've grown up playing halo, in fact it was my very first video game. I remember playing the campaign of CE with my dad, and getting lost in the library. When we finally beat the maw, watching the ring break apart was one of the greatest things my...

  6. Gun to my head pick one..., I'd die sorry

  7. Mine would be halo 5, CE, and ODST(remember ODST came with the entire halo 3 multiplayer suite)

  8. Haven, exile, and sidewinder

  9. Popcorn

  10. How old are you ?

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    Just turned 21