1. 343I i have dont the Teishin Raikou Amor/Helmet.I have played for November.

  2. 343I thx for help by nightfall amor/helmet. I have not the Teishin amor/helmet i played for 7th November please help 343I.Thx.

  3. I have watch nightfall on xbox one.

  4. I have the problem too and no one help.

  5. I need help!!!! I have watch all 5 episoden of halo nightfall and i have NOT the nightfall Amor/Helmet and i played halo 5 for november and i DONT have the teishi amor/helmet. Please HELP 343. Sorry my english is nood so good i'm from germany.

  6. No one can help?

  7. I need help i have watch all 5 nightfall episoden and i have dont the nightfall amor and the taishin amor i dont have please help me

  8. I have too the problem