1. add back the old ghost physics because I used to be able to do this

  2. I feel like forge hub needs more activity i think 343 and the forge hub team should make an app don't you agree?

  3. Why isn't there any water in forge think of the rivers.i mean there is decal water but its not truly realistic how about a water volume with a color picker and theme picker for map style NOT JUST FOR THE 3 FORGE MAPS BUT LOTS OF THEMES and make a...

  4. Here at hammer and anvil we make and test maps

  5. Yes i get that there but should at least be a section in the forms that allows you to post a explanation of the map the title and a screen shot and categories for the maps.

  6. why is it so hard to get your map seen?

  7. forge

  8. hamer and anvil

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