1. Bumper Jumper and max sensitivity.

  2. I'll mostly be likely spending money on cosmetic REG packs. I'll dabble in Warzone, but I'll mainly be playing the campaign and arena.

  3. It's a toss up between the AR and the DMR. But, I have to choose the DMR, as I like the accuracy and precision of it and the skill it takes to use. I also prefer the Halo 4 DMR to the Reach one, but haven't tried the Halo 5 one (missed the beta).

  4. Where are you from?

    Halo Universe - Posted By SommerKind On

    Toadlena, New Mexico, on the Navajo Reservation.

  5. I didn't play the beta, but I've seen gameplay and such. I don't really care that much about it and from what I've seen it really doesn't do much. I am a little disappointed the way to bring them up is with the left trigger and not...