1. What if in the next Halo game you could have Master Chiefs armor from HCE ( early art work with Chief charging an Elite with a machete ) Speaking of a machete who else thinks it would be cool to assassinate with a machete / Emile like knife ? ( Emiles...

  2. I'll post things on other ppls forums and they will comment back but I don't know how to check / find it

  3. I have had experience in help make machinima before. So if ya ever need help just msg me. I listen and follow instructions very well.- Sully The Gamer

  4. Body actors needed

    Recruiting - Posted By Sully The Gamer On

    I'll be glad to help if ya still need it. I have helped in a few Machinama before and I listen and follow to instructions very well.

  5. I think the Halo: Reach female armor is better than Halo 4's. Not just because of the details in Reach. I just like the fact that you can tell the difference between male and female in Reach. Not so much in H4.

  6. Ive got the Halo 4 DLC if ya ever wanna play. I prefer the close quarter DLC maps.

  7. Anorexic ?

  8. Anyone want to discuss this topic ?

  9. Is there anything else you can tell me about the clan ?

  10. How do you send your Halo screenshots ?