1. Just as an update to this, the Spartan OPs game I mentioned above is now appearing in my game history. I don't know if there was just a delay in the system for some reason, but I thought I'd post and say thanks in case someone on the forum team...

  2. I completed chapters 2-4 of episode 2 on legendary last night, and they still show up in-game as only being completed on heroic. This is getting ridiculous, nothing I play is being recorded, be it war games or spartan ops.

  3. Download Smartglass. It has your Halo 4 stats and more. I have smartglass on my android phone, where do you look at halo 4 stats? Do you need to be connected to your xbox?

  4. I played a few games last night (2/18) as well. None show up on my profile.