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  2. What is the point in having european servers if its hardly ever chosen in ranked play. I dont even exaggerate if i would say 99% of all the games I play in H3 Arena is on a US server, and it doesnt matter if the majority of players are from Europe...

  3. So if you’re on the west coast don’t even bother playing any halo mcc whatsoever. You’ll connect to the east coast servers every time. Sucks but what can ya do.

  4. I keep connecting to severs far away! What’s going on? Its obviously pointless to play any shooter with a terrible ping when your internet is just fine. I wanna play competitive lobbies but it’s no fun losing rank cause of the servers.

  5. I haven't found a ranked game of H2A since.... Please fix! Same here. I cant find ranked H2A, or Ranked H2. Also i wouldn't mind them adding a halo 4 ranked playlist again. Social has been the only way to play lately. Me either. I’m forced...

  6. Wish we had competitive team slayer. And a bigger push for competitive playlists. I totally agree! The match composer is awesome but competitive lobbies need some love too! It’s been so hard to find games that aren’t h3 competitive.