1. Meeting my best friend while playing Halo 3, we to this day play games every couple of days. We are gonna be marathoning the campaigns on Legendary when MCC comes out, Reach is first as it's the first one that's gonna be out realistically.

  2. Halo Tattoos

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    OP's tattoo is absolutely amazing, if I was into tattoo's I'd get an ODST themed one.

  3. The poor marines in CE who discovered the Flood, all of them. Even Chief wasn't ready for what he found.

  4. Favorite armor

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    In Halo 3 I always used Security shoulders with Mark V helmet and torso because I like how Spartans armors are just tanks, also they looked like that in Halo Wars which was glorious.

  5. 343 made Halo 4 and 5 and screwed up the original MCC launch which at the time was the easiest job in the whole industry, so absolutely not. But, having all these studios being involved with Halo Wars 2, MCC for PC and new content for both in the future...