1. Matchmaking issue

    Halo 5: Guardians - Posted By The 5moke On

    Hello. I'm making a thread of it's own for this issue, since I haven't seen it reported anywhere else and for people to notice it and possibly encounter themselves.. So after the latest fix, although I've had it happen before, it's...

  2. What happend?

    Halo: Reach - Posted By The 5moke On

    I think they just made a wide bunch of them and they are randomly chosen by a system.

  3. Players for Reach

    Halo: Reach - Posted By The 5moke On

    Nice to see so many replies. I'll be in contact on the whole lot of you. Halo 5 goes too if anyone wants to and has the skills to grind ranked on a diamond-onyx tier level. Anyone interested just post here, I'm checking this thread every once in...

  4. Players for Reach

    Halo: Reach - Posted By The 5moke On

    I'm tired of not having friends who play this and not completing for example firefight challenges. I grinded this back in 2011 and just started to play it on XBone with my new account. If you're interested in linking up, send me a message. GT...

  5. I struggle around D6 and Onyx on this playlist. I love the BR changes. Aim assist is well reduced, but what bothers me is that when smart-linked and the enemy is in the Red Reticle Range, the bullet magnetism is huge. I tend to aim my shots good, so...