1. Hello everyone, I need 4 people to help me create a Forerunner based clan on Halo 5. It would be greatly appreciated if these candidates were leaders of some sort in the past, but if they aren't I can try and work something out. I don't need...

  2. Hello there, I am interested in becoming a voice and body actor. My contact information is below. Email: Gamertag: The_Nexus_God

  3. WIP Machinima

    Recruiting - Posted By The Nexus God On

    Hey, I would like to be a voice actor, so if we could talk on Xbox in more detail about this, that would be great!

  4. 1X Gaming Halo Team

    Recruiting - Posted By The Nexus God On

    Hello everyone, on behalf of the 1X Gaming Association I would like to invite everyone that wants a shot at becoming a pro gamer to contact me at any one of my media sources below. Anyways, a few things about 1X Gaming that you might want to know are...

  5. I'm a diamond 4 in slayer right now, send me a friend request, and we can play a few games. Gt: The Nexus God

  6. Hello All Players, I, The Nexus God, am recruiting for 1X Gaming's Halo Competitive Team. This team will consist of 6 members, 4 primary players, and 2 secondary players. I, myself, will be apart of the team, that means there are 3 more primary...

  7. ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS The Nexus Regiment is currently looking for members, and we want you! The Nexus Regiment is a private military based clan that consists of multiple companys of soldiers. These companys each have a unique trait to them, an example...

  8. Gamertag: The Nexus God Requirements: Completed See you on the battlefield!