1. Fun stuff. I had the same issue when I did it. Congrats on the accomplishment and happy you figured it out. Thanks man, I was a bit disapointed when it didn't show up for a while

  2. So I recently finished all 4 main campaigns on MCC on legendary and was eager to use my shiny new Helioskrill armor in good ol' Halo 5. Been about two days now and it still hasn't shown up! Has anyone else had this issue? I'd really...

  3. The new progression system is epic, I just hope they add proper customization for H3 and H4 in time.

  4. You'll find that because Halo 3 doesn't use hit-scan, it instead rely's on the projectiles to directly hit the target. You'll also find that because of the net-code, some of your shots may not register when hitting an opponents because it...

  5. Looks sick and thats all i have to say