1. I think jul'madama could've lived longer and acted as a brief boss fight on the first blue team level

  2. If your fast enough with a sword and you're opponent is unaware you could pull off a sneaky one In my opinion gravity hammers are favored for dealing with groups of people or light-medium armored vehicles(assuming they are ground vehicles) As for...

  3. 343 has done a very good job making forge..more creative ive seen countless great prefabs and maps.To add to halo 5's glows,i like the custom browser and how spartans can socialise,have fun or promote their clan/company

  4. Honestly i like the remastered h2 infection and halo 4's because i rather look like a spartan combat form than a spartan in a Halloween costume but still every i love infection and i love giving feedback

  5. me and my friend had a nice scorpion blast,but it was removed?.i think the yapening should be a separate game opinion is one of many