1. Hi all, been wanting to improve my play with Commander Jerome in HW2. Any tips or strategies that work in 1v1 and or 3v3?

  2. I just got on to play HW2 and noticed it’s still down. Any updates as to when it will be back up and running ? None that we've heard unfortunately, going on 3 days now.

  3. This is terrible, wish they would at least give us a timeframe

  4. On the first page of this thread they said they were working on it, that was roughly 12 hours ago give or take

  5. Same here, hopefully if enough people see this they'll notice it

  6. I haven't been seeing anything about it however, when I tried to play online today I've been unable to find any players. I wasn't having this problem last time I played so I wanted to check here are the servers currently down? Also when do...

  7. I can't get into any online games and my connection is perfect I don't know what to do

  8. I am having problems and can't get into online matches if you know anything please help