1. Wish that Sumo, Minotaurs, Prop Hunt, and especially Skeeball would just go away. I enjoy sumo but I agree with the rest of what needs to go away

  2. I wish that the forerunner weapons didn’t exist in the ranked playlist. It take no skill to use them all the shots follow you the suppresser and bolt shot are non covenant needlers.

  3. ZaedynFelBeen having a lot of quitters/AFK in games recently. Played some Team Arena yesterday, these were my first five games. Game 1: Starts 2v...

  4. I was wondering when the season for ranked playlist would be over.

  5. I’m pretty sure that 343 already dismissed the idea of a BR mode in infinite.

  6. i want to know what people think are going to happen in the story for halo infinite and how the multiplayer gameplay will be.

  7. I like the falcon better because the gunners were better protected. It was annoying when I would play halo 3 and my friends could get killed easier. And the design was pretty cool.

  8. Me and my squad play action sack a lot when we are done playing ranked. I wish we got more of the fun game modes like husky raid. we could play action sack for an hour and get never get husky raid.

  9. please bring back breakout. Elimination is not a good substitute.