1. When Does the Halo CE Campaign missions fit in ? Hmm thats something I've been wondering a lot. Should I or should I leave it. There is a book called The flood that is acually the events of CE or CEA. Now that you mention it. I'll add them in...

  2. When Does the Halo CE Campaign missions fit in ?

  3. Grey team did only work together with no other hands on deck so it is possible like the chief to put themselves in cryo true they are MIA so yea it is most likely that they are not Grey team when i think about it then who, Possibly Spartan III's ?

  4. Could This Be Grey Teem in Forward Onto Dawn at 0.25 you can see 3 cryo tubes could this be grey team because in the Fall of reach (book). when the spartans where in the briefing room for operation (RED FLAG...

  5. Hope you could Re post with the new info in order would be much appreciated

  6. What about the graphic novels and comics an halo legends

  7. Thanks but I would like to know the whole universe

  8. What is the halo chronological order for the whole story In the wait for halo 4 Im going through everything to remember as much of the cannon as possible I have been following this...